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sky breaks with spokes of light
dancing waves await prancing puppies
fresh seaweed served on fine white sand
wet and gleaming with the smell of the sea  gazing at the infinite horizon  

Apples at attention.  Marching off in formation to apple pie.  Yummy.
Marine Firemens Union
This mural above the entrance to the Marines Firemens Union is at 240 Second Street in San Francisco.  It was probably created over 60 years ago and recalls a time in when San Francisco Labor Unions were at its peak.  Art such as this celebrated the contribution of working people.

Today San Francisco is a much different place.  Blue collar workers in warehouses and factories are now almost extinct, their places of work converted to chic boutiques, restaurants, and internet start-up companies.  San Francisco blue collar workers now are regulated to lower level service jobs where you smile and  stay in the background.  There are no murals celebrating the contribution of these people.  San Francisco would be a better place if the contribution of all people were recognized.  
Vega Cafe on Folsom Street, San Francisco
Seeing a fire engine roll to a stop makes me think something not so good is happeinging.  Is there a fire?  Walking up to Vega Cafe on Folsom Street I saw the big red fire engine roll up in front of the cafe.  No problem -- It's reasurring to know that our San Francisco's finest fire fighters appreciate a good cup of Blue Bottle coffee!